Pat's goal is to make me happy

I have been so pleased working with Pat Beam at 9th ave. We are at the start of recreating my backyard: with a large pool/hot tub and stone patio, outdoor kitchen and outdoor TV area and fire pit. Pat is helping me with everything from the stone materials, tile, lighting, colors, fencing and of course the landscaping. Pat does a wonderful job of listening to my vision. What I as the home owner am looking to accomplish. He is easy to talk to and I really enjoy working with him. He gets my vision and puts it on paper. His drawings are very easy to read. And most of all, I so appreciate he has no arrogance about him. Never am I uncomfortable to express dislike towards an idea he suggests. Pat's goal is to make me happy. Another positive to working with Pat is he is masterful at taking a large overwhelming job (at least to me, the homeowner) and breaking it down. He keeps me on task and together we start to create a landscape that represents the look and feel that is right for me and my family.

~ P.K.
Moreland Hills