Brecksville New Build

We know that we sound like a broken record when we say “we had a lot of fun with this one” but my goodness this one was a blast. The homeowner had a vision and let us work with master craftsmen, artists, and reclaimed materials from all over the United States. This project has been featured in magazines, ads, and many social media posts. So many times we get calls asking where in California this project is and when we tell them that its on 13 acres in Cleveland we are met with disbelief.

The list is long on this one; pool, spa, a custom hot tub from Colorado, 2 outdoor kitchens, upper and lower cabana,  heated walks, custom-built gatehouse, heated guest parking, heated drive way, stone walls from Philadelphia, 2 fire pits (one inside a fountain), bocce ball court 16’ off the ravine, 2 fountains, too many art pieces to count and on and on.

We started drawing this project in 2013 and as of 2020, we are still adding to it. We definitely are lucky to count this client as one of ours; good times


House designed by Dimit Architects